Bristol Airport Expansion Plan – holds a promise of 1,000 new jobs

Bristol Airport Expansion Plan, New Jobs - JobsandPermits

Ambitious plan

Bristol Airport has an Expansion Plan. It has an aim to handle 12 m passengers annually thereby creating nearly 1,000 jobs in the next decade. The scheme was submitted to the planners of North Somerset Council. It has the potential to generate £1.4 billion for the regional economy by 2025.

This application is a part of the long-term plan of the airport. It will help to handle 20 m passengers annually the mid-2040.Additionally the Annual passenger traffic of the airport was a record 8.5 m for the present year. There is a plan to grow to 9 m in 2019.


The airport is the fifth busiest in the UK and is also the large regional hub of low-cost carrier Easy Jet. The airport presently employs 4,000 persons on its 196-hectare site. Furthermore it provides supports to 24,000 jobs in the economy of South Wales and the South West Wales.

Moreover, a sum of £160 m was invested since 2010 by Canadian owners – Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. There is a focus on infrastructure and new facilities to keep pace with in passenger growth.

The new plans

The new plans will focus on the enlargement of the terminal. There will be more space for facilities benefiting the passenger and their baggage. There will also be extension of canopy at the front. Besides it will have a Pedestrianized Forecourt.  There will be additional parking spaces also.

A new road layout aims to improve the flow of traffic on the airport site. Another project is improvements at the West Lane and Downside Road junctions for coping with increasing traffic. The air side infrastructure, and a new taxiway link will be Improved.

Planning for sustainable development

Dave Lees Bristol Airport Chief Executive Officer states that after consultations with the passengers, local community, customers, and stakeholders, the plans commence sustainable development for meeting the demand for air travel in the South West and South Wales in the next ten years. The plans ensure connectivity to the region and to the world.  They will also serve as a gateway for tourists business, and investments.

The plans were welcomed by business leaders. Such plans bring global trade links and make the UK economy strong. They will motivate trade and investment, and help in creating new jobs besides helping British businesses to thrive. Activities at Bristol will set off expansion schemes in other airports also.

Support from the business community

Furthermore, the business community supports the growth of the airport strongly.  It will make Bristol and surrounding areas worthy of a visit, and also for living learning and investing.

Easy Jet reaches 67 destinations from here and also uses 15 aircraft based at the airport. It operates 126 direct flights and has earned laurels also by being the Best Airport in Europe in June in the 5-10 m passenger category.

It was the best Airport in the Kingdom, in a campaign of the TTG Awards.

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