Awarding a historic £49m skills deal will boost the economy, businesses and jobs

Awarding a historic £49m skills deal will boost the economy, businesses and jobs

A sound investment

Damian Hinds, British Education Secretary has announced that there will be £49 million skills deal for the West Midlands region. This will help the Businesses and people across the region and also provide a massive boost.

The plan is to use this money towards digital and technical training and also to improve job opportunities. Moreover this measure will support the young people and adults into work, and provide effective opportunities in up skilling and retraining.
£49million of this investment will be made by the Department for Education, and additionally the West Midlands Combined Authority  plans to invest £20million in this Skills Plan.

The features of a new deal:

  • There will be sizable new apprenticeships in small and medium size businesses located in priority areas like the automotive, construction, and digital sectors.
  • Investment in local colleges, to improve equipment and facilities for teaching the skills of the region.
  • £5 million funds for working with employers for developing a National Retraining Scheme Pilot to boost adult learning and retraining.
  • £1 million for the new West Midlands career hub, for improving career guidance and advice to the young people.
  • A fresh online portal for business community to share opportunities in work experience with schools.

Skills shortage

Presently, the skills shortage is a big challenge of the West Midlands. Indeed it is a top concern for employers while recruiting.

And, despite a recent economic boom, in the region youth unemployment is stubborn; and needs the targeting of the skills deal.

Mayor Andy Street feels that the big issue before the businesses in West Midlands is the barrier for skills growth.

This deal signifies more apprenticeships and additional funds for career advice, adult education, and technical education which is good news for businesses as well as youths.

Furthermore, this new way of working with Government provides additional powers and resources for helping to deliver a right conclusion for the West Midlands.

Country’s engine

Moreover the new deal will help in boosting the productivity of the country’s engine.

The West Midlands is an engine of the thriving economy, and there is a plan to ensure that more local people possess the skills to get on in life. This will also serve in boosting the productivity and technical expertise of the region.

This deal will provide the best investment, and also help both the youth and adults, to learn new skill, and also get enough training.  Through this they can take advantage of the exciting jobs in cyber Security, Construction, and Digital Technology areas. More people can now earn and learn. Finally the focus on digital and technical skills, facing a high demand, will also help people to acquire the skill set necessary to get the modern jobs.

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