Automobile Industry set to Create nearly 100,000 additional Jobs

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With a great focus on electric and Self-driving cars, the mobility industry is on the path of creating 100,000 jobs in the USA in the next decade. Moreover, this includes 30,000 jobs for Engineers holding a degree related to computer subjects.

The dynamics

The demand is likely to exceed six times of the number of such graduates. This situation will lead to a huge talent shortage, and affect industry; this is the research finding of Detroit Mobility Lab and Boston Consulting Group. Moreover, the authors of this Study state that cars in the future will not resemble today’s automobiles. They will be different and around 20 percent will have an electric/hybrid technology. Additionally, around 10 percent will feature the self-driving module by 2030. With increasing complexity, cars and other vehicles of mobility will need the service of sophisticated and skilled engineers.
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