Automation leads to an I.C.T. Job growth in Victoria Australia

Automation leads to an I.C.T. Job growth in Victoria Australia


ACS is a professional association of Australian I.C.T. sector. It has launched its 2018 ACS Digital Pulse report –Australia

The highlight of this report is that the ICT workforce of Victoria will grow at a rate of 2.5%, reaching the mark of 30,000 by 2023.

Its ACS President Ramasundara says that there is a great demand for digital skills in the economy. The growth registered by the spheres of automation, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things, are collectively leading to major disruption across industries. Additionally, the highly trained ICT professionals face a great demand than any time before. In the present day, if countries want to remain competitive in the world, there is an immense need to revitalize the education and training sectors. This will help to the boost in the ICT talent pool of Australia.

Additional details

Maria Markman, chief of ACS Victoria branch welcomed the recognition of the strength of the economy. Victoria has a fast growing economy in Australia. The architect behind it is the technology sector. The report of the present year helps in planning the future and also to identify the areas of local digital economy which will help in facilitating job growth. The ICT Technical and professional sector is a large growth area.  It also demonstrates that the efforts to build a digitally skilled local economy are yielding strong dividends. Moreover, there is a need of doing more work regarding diversity. The presence of a strong local sector will enable to devote more resources to enhance diversity in the sector.

The report reveals a point regarding Australia’s international competitiveness in the field. It finds that the country is in the middle of the pack, and did not witness any movement, during the past five years.

Work outline of ACS

ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse 2018, studies the digital policy scenario, in Australia, and looks to encouraging businesses, to invest in modern technologies, as well in skills development and innovation. It lays out the action plan, to accelerate economic growth, led by the digital sector, and improve the overall international ICT competitiveness of Australia.

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