The best Australian tech and finance jobs with a good pay hike in 2018

Australian tech and finance jobs

Scenario of Job market
98% Financial Officers of Australia are planning to give a salary increase of 9% to nearly a quarter of their staff in the present year. Additionally, 97% CIOs have agreed to give 21% of IT staff an increase of 8%. Furthermore, many IT employers, who face a shortage of skills, plan to offer a reasonable salary so that the top talents do not go away. Presently, finance and IT sectors are eager to give a decent pay hike in 2018.
A Guide also shows that 82% of CIOs are finding it very difficult to hire qualified IT professionals in comparison to the situation five years ago.
Scope of IT Jobs
These IT job roles have a good demand:
• Cyber-security Specialist ($100,000-$155,000)
• Cloud Engineer ($90,000 to $140,000)
• Full stack Net Developer ($75,250 to $102,500)
The factors which help to get a handsome pay are the previous company experience, educational qualifications, team leading experience and launching of a service or product.
Today many markets face a slow growth in wages. Such companies which do not review the compensation paid to employees regularly run a risk of losing some top performers. Furthermore the competition is eager to hire and this is the situation in many IT companies. As a result, there is a huge demand for workers in the IT sector.
There is a booming market, and IT professionals possessing niche skill find a high demand. They are immensely attracted by a high pay.
Financial job market
The roles having a good demand are:
• High ranking Financial Accountants ($97,500 to $126,250)
• Finance Managers ($103,750 to $155,000)
• Business Analysts ($82,250 to $117,500)
An expert says that the finance employers should see the high salary in comparison to industry standards as an investment for future. Moreover, they must not regard it as an unnecessary expense.
Giving a competitive salary to the staff leads to real results for the organization. Accordingly, there is enhanced productivity and reputation also becomes positive that the employer is good. It also reduces the cost to hire new employees. For attracting and retaining the workforce, companies must diversify the remuneration that they offer. They must also focus on perks other than salary. There is a need to run, specific talent management programs.
The arrival of the millennial workers makes this even more important. They want to work for an innovative company, and seek professional development. Moreover they are deeply interested in interesting and varied work. Thus there is a need for innovative and dynamic solutions in the present job market.

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