Atlanta is one of the top cities for jobs in 2019

Atlanta is one of the top cities for jobs in 2019 - JobsandPermits

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has a few observations to make. There was a decline in the national unemployment rate of 3.7 percent.

Some interesting facts

Moreover, there is an increase in hiring. A personal finance website, conducted a research for finding the best cities in USA for job seekers. Furthermore, it made a comparative analysis of 182 cities, covering cities with most population, in the country for assessing socioeconomics and job markets. It went one step ahead, and had an evaluation of these dimensions, by using 30 metrics. The topics were growth in employment, job opportunities, accessing internships, affordability of housing, median annual income, and finally the transit score.

Scottsdale, Arizona at the top

Among these 182 cities, Scottsdale, Arizona, was at the top, Columbia in Maryland and Orlando in Florida followed it. Atlanta had the 18th rank on the list, earning 16th place for job markets and 49th for socioeconomics. The worst cities not popular with the job seekers were Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Atlanta is now recognized also for having a top status in professional opportunities. In May also Atlanta was the third best city to start a fine career. Glass door gave it the 18th rank for best city for jobs in the list of 50 cities having the most population in the nation.

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