Amazon to add another 3,000 jobs in Canada

Amazon canada jobs
In a statement Justin Trudeau, the PM of Canada has stated that, Amazon deciding to add several workers in Canada is a big proof of the high skills, strength of the workforce, as well as the tremendous potential of the country. Through this the country will develop as a hub of innovation and technology. Amazon has announced its decision to add 3,000 additional jobs in Vancouver. The site where Amazon is planning its future is 416,000 square foot located in downtown Vancouver. This will open in 2022.
There will be a focus on recruiting professionals in cloud computing, e-commerce technology, and machine learning.
In November 2017 Amazon announced regarding recruiting 1,000 new professionals and now the total of its employees in Canada is 9,000.
Tech talent
He went on to say that presently there is plenty of Tech talent and investment arriving in the country. When companies like Amazon arrive here they bring more energy, add vision and present good jobs.
This plan is not related to the search of Amazon to have a second headquarters. This has attracted several bids from US states, and from Puerto Rico, provinces in Canada, and also from the Mexican states. Toronto was also on the shortlist. The second headquarters will add 50,000 jobs to the victorious and Amazon, will spend US$5 billion to carry out the construction activities.

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