Amazon Brings 50,000 high paying jobs for two new headquarters

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50,000 Jobs Openings in Amazon

Amazon recently announced that this month it will launch two new headquarters, one in northern Virginia and other in New York City. So, Amazon soon generates over 50,000 jobs openings to fill the two headquarters and that the gross salary will be over $150,000.

CNBC discussed with former HR recruiters at the giant of e-commerce about which kind of candidates should they expect. They talked on the condition of anonymity cause they’re constrained by agreements not to talk publicly about their time at the firm.

The recruiter of Amazon is Brian for six years and he said that the employment hiring process is “highly competitive,”. Brian would usually bring in over seven job seekers for an in-person interview.

Amazon’s former recruiting associate, Ray said that recruiting managers highly prefer candidates who have multiple skills set that can do multiple tasks well. Job seekers should have a core strength that really needs to team’s and company’s mission. My sincere suggestion to may candidates is to be intentional — Should find exactly what you have to do at the firm and for the firm”, he said.

Amazon Recruiting Manager Ryan Says

HR Recruiters can not revert to each candidate but the applicant must look at the procedure as they could dating. If HR’s doesn’t get back to you, don’t worry. Just take that as a posture of where they would be in terms of interest”, Ray said.

Ryan has been a recruiter at Amazon for over 3 years. He explained that ” determining these candidates will not be a hard thing. Many recruiters are having a special LinkedIn license which permits job seekers to communicate them over Linked In for free. “Reach the people that are in the division you wish to do work at,” Ryan said.

Update the social media profiles with including Amazon recruiters seek for skill on LinkedIn, Stack Overflow and GitHub. Be ready to attend the interviews that Amazon holds in several locations.
It’s important that your curriculum vitae is typo-free and well-structured.

For example, “if you are a developer; if you did mistakes in your resume, it will be a wonder for recruiting managers — how well your code will be. At Amazon, the job application procedure usually takes minimum a month. Some people will be asked to do a writing test, which is generally an essay related to technical”, Ryan said.

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