Alberta – additional 24,000 jobs and low unemployment in November

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As per the recent unemployment report of Statistics Canada Alberta and Quebec were leaders in job growth last month.


In Alberta, there was a substantial gain in full-time work and employment increased by 24,000 jobs. Simultaneously, the jobless rate declined to 6.3 percent. Another notable feature was that the fall in unemployment rate was 5.6% a record low since 1976

In 2017, employment in Alberta increased by 59,000 jobs (2.6 percent). The jobless rate in Calgary’s fell to 7.9 percent, while there was a drop to 6.2 per cent in the unemployment figure in Edmonton.

New permanent and full time jobs

There were many new permanent and full time jobs which is a positive development. Furthermore, 2,300 jobs were added in the agriculture, and 4,000 in manufacturing sector. The wholesale and retail trade sector suffered a loss of 4,000 positions.

The jobs that came back in November were in the sectors where the pay is less. In the services-producing sector there was an increase of 13,000 positions; and among them 8,200 positions were in social assistance and healthcare.

Moreover, there were additional 10,000 jobs in the goods-producing sector, but hardly 900 of those had a direct link to natural resources. There is a need of more jobs in the private sector, more so in the energy sector.

Many challenges ahead

Alberta has to face many challenges before seeing a full recovery. The economy is tough for many families, and also for the job seekers. Any recovery in Alberta in the New Year depends on the response of markets to the cut in oil production, of 8.7 percent beginning in January.

In the Nation 94,000 jobs were created, bringing down the unemployment rate to 5.6 per cent, which is a record low since Statistics Canada resumed measuring the rate 40 years ago. Finally, there are more jobs in other sectors, which is rather good, as it suggests diversity in the economy.

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