A tech firm in Vancouver opens a fresh outpost in the Job Market

A tech firm in Vancouver opens a fresh outpost in the Job Market - JobsandPermits

The Traction Company, having the headquarters in Vancouver, is opening a new office in Nelson. This is a part of the recruiting strategy; in the job market of B.C. BC has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada.

The Ambitious Plan

This is a tech firm with fast growth and has 600 employees. It has sent eight or nine employees, in the front, as per the statement of the CEO Greg Malpass. The numbers will increase after the company recruits several new employees. Moreover, the company has an ambitious plan, which mainly depends on the quality of the people hired in that area.

This Nelson experiment is part of the campaign of Traction to develop small-towns. The reason is the strategy for attracting and retaining, employees in a labor market, where the unemployment rate has declined to 4.3 percent. Moreover, technology serves as a driving force for the demand for new workers.

An Experiment

It is a great experiment involving energy input and also ensuring that people get good work experience. The focus is on retention because it is hard to keep people when there are many such opportunities in the modern world.

Regarding the recruitment, Malpass also said that the company was fortunate. There was an inflow of 6,500 applicants for 300 new positions during the past 12 months.

Also, there is a plan for hiring r 450 workers in the next year. He is hopeful that the strategy with a focus on small-town, starting with Nelson, will be of great help in retaining the employees of the firm to new places. This will be fresh instead of coaxing them to work at the head office.

The far-reaching effects

The tech sector poses a difficulty to pinpoint because it is a component of several industries today. B.C. has added 20,000 fresh jobs in various categories like professionals, scientific community and technical-services, as per the survey of the labor force of Statistics Canada. Moreover, there is no evidence that people struggle to find jobs. Also among The sectors that have difficulties, in finding professionals, technology is the foremost, facing a hard time.

Furthermore, the employees, having a particular skill set, can easily shift between diverse industries easily. Finding talented employees is a big challenge which the employers face.

It is common for startups and also for multinational companies. Getting access to the right category of people is an uphill task.

The Progress

Between the years 2001-2016, the tech sector in B.C. had annual growth in employment of six percent. The major cause was a global explosion in demand for innovative technological products/services. It was because technology provides means that help many industries and also contributes them to be efficient and have fast growth.

The skills that have a huge demand are software developers, coders, and programmers. Additionally, there is a shortage of expertise in sales-product marketing related to technology. Some positions are very hard to fill.

Additionally, it is difficult for the educational institutions of the province to come up and facilitate the next generation of technological workers. The B.C. Institute of Technology has increased the size of its program related to computer information technology, three folds. Finally, there are many applicants, more than the allotted seats in the diploma program.

Students are in demand

The students demonstrating a good skill in problem-solving and also in communication have a huge demand. People are the core of the growth of any business. More machines cannot lead to business growth but more people can do it.

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