A Report confirms that UK jobs are strong in South Yorkshire and Merseyside

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South Yorkshire and Merseyside had strong job growth in the decade as per the report. Moreover, it finds low-income households benefited more in comparison to the rich households.

Amazing increase

The increase in the national employment rate is 75.7%, which is a record. The main reason is that the low-employment areas of the Kingdom are catching up over the last ten years. This is the note of the Resolution Foundation.

The top regional increase in employment rate after the financial crash of 2008 was in South Yorkshire. There was also an increase in the Employment of 6.5% going up to 71.7% in the region. It has these areas – Sheffield, Doncaster Rotherham, and Barnsley. In the past, the Investment for attracting global manufacturers to the region has paid off. Merseyside comprises of Liverpool and the surrounding boroughs of Knowsley, Sefton, Wirral, and St Helens has occupied the second topmost increase in the last decade gaining 6.4 %.

Liverpool has progress

Additionally, the recovery in jobs started with the declaration of Liverpool as the capital of European culture in 2008. Building on that success, in spite of austerity of government and uncertainty of Brexit, was a huge challenge. Despite the gains in major urban areas affected by de-industrialization, rural areas and second-tier towns did not keep pace. This also reflects the growing divide between metropolitan Britain and remaining parts of the country.  Moreover, Yorkshire created 2.7m jobs since the financial crisis.

A few challenges exist

Additionally, the Resolution Foundation concluded that there was some help for disadvantaged groups and low-income households, still there was an increase in job insecurity for young workers.

Half of this job increase was in professional occupations and the share of people in 18 – to 29 years working in low paying roles expanded in the last decade. Employment-based on zero-hours contracts and also in agency works increased at a 50% faster pace for this age group than the remaining population.

Figures demand a focus

780,000 workers in Britain do not have a guarantee of fixed working hours. Furthermore, 950,000 agency workers are self-employed. Moreover, the Average wages are around £25 below the peak. A major finding of the report is that migrants have not displaced local workers. The migrants had two-thirds of the increase in employment, but the employment rate of local people reached a record high of 75.8%.

Two-thirds of the jobs growth was achieved by the bottom-half of the workers in the pay ladder. Additionally, workers having low qualifications had half of the growth in employment.

Additional challenges

There are new challenges for young workers and an increase in insecure work. Workers still earn less each week for doing the same work ten years ago. Finally, there is a need to be not complacent but to take further action for increasing the employment rates for groups which do not have proper representation. There must be a focus on developing innovative programs to support them.

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