A New Campus of Apple in Seattle plans to bring 2,000 Jobs in five years

Apple has a major expansion plan in Seattle. Apple and Seattle authorities announced that the tech giant will open an office spanning 635,000-square-foot in the Washington city in 2019.

The plan of hiring

It will also hire 2,000 employees in the course of the next five years. Apple will also add 200 jobs by December 2019. The details of the Apple’s plans are having great ambitions adding to the present strength of 500 employees, also adding 2,000 employees, in the next five years. Moreover, the addition of 2,000 jobs in the area will strain the transportation and housing costs. The city needs to accommodate this growth.

Jenny Durkan the mayor of Seattle stated that Apple has a major footprint in Seattle, which is a proof of the growth in opportunities existing for its residents. The city has become an Economic Powerhouse and also continues to grow in a big way. Furthermore there is a need to urgently address the pressures that happen when development takes place. It must tackle affordability and opt for affordable housing to increasing transportation.

Promising news

This news of the expansion plans of Apple, adds to the solid and deep-rooted reputation, of the city as a Tech Hub. The city is the headquarters for Amazon, and also has 45,000 local employees. Moreover, 51,000 employees of Microsoft are based in the nearby Redmond.

Google is also envisaging the expansion program in Seattle. Additionally it has many famous startups in technical and engineering spheres. Apple revealed the plan for the Seattle office in December that is a part of a $1 billion investment package for new offices in Culver City and San Diego. There are expansion moves for the existing offices located in New York, Austin, Boulder, Pittsburgh, and Colorado.

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