A great Interest in Irish jobs ahead of Brexit

A great Interest in Irish jobs ahead of Brexit - JobsandPermits

Many jobseekers based in Britain are submitting an Application for Irish posts in a big way ahead of Brexit, as per the recruitment website in Ireland.

The company stated that there was major year-on-year growth in applications coming from Britain for posts in the Construction IT, and Public Sectors before the March 29th, deadline of the UK leaving the European Union sets in.


Ireland is home to several benefits. It offers stability, finest jobs, an education system of world-repute and finally, access to the EU. These traits are attractive for upwardly mobile professionals.

Moreover, Ireland is witnessing huge investments from the UK and multinational companies. They have an aim to either relocate or expand.

An exodus

Equally, statistics show that the movement of people matches with that shift. In 2018, there was a high increase in applications from the UK for roles based in Ireland. Furthermore, the present political climate points out that this growth will continue in the present year also. EY an Accountancy giant named Dublin as the top exodus location for companies offering financial services. Thus it is ahead of Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, and Madrid.

Many professional opportunities

Today Ireland witnesses’ significant increase in professional opportunities and many professionals are seeking employment here. The top career areas expressing an interest in recruiting professionals are financial services, software-as-a-service, and pharmaceuticals.

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