856 Spanish entrepreneurs start new startups through España Emprende

856 Spanish entrepreneurs start new startups through España Emprende


In the first quarter of 2018, Spain provided assistance to 856 entrepreneurs in launching start their businesses, by using the España Emprende program. The companies in turn created 911 fresh jobs.

España Emprende was developed by using the network of Territorial Chambers Of Commerce. Moreover, it is a joint venture of the European Social Fund and has the aim of contributing towards the launch of new business activities. It is also sustainable and competitive.

In Murcia the new startups were at the top at 168. Valencia created 147, Andalusia 97, Castilla-La Mancha 116,   and Galicia 84. Many businesses born out of this program had the service orientation at 86%. It was followed by construction (9.2%). The figures of the services sector, are personal services at 50.7%, retail stores were 27.2% and the share of hotels was 12.2%.
Moreover, legally, 57.7% of the businesses belonged to individual companies, and the Limited Liability Companies had a share of 38.2%.

Additional statistics

In the preliminary half of 2018, the Chambers Of Commerce, the attendance using the program España Emprende was 4,243 users totally.  Among them 83% belonged to entrepreneurs having a business initiative whereas 5% had created a company already.

Profile of an entrepreneur

As per the Cámara de España the Spanish entrepreneur has an age in the range of  25 to 55 years. The tenure of unemployment was below one year. The studies were at a university, As per the program data, the people below the age of 25 are better in enterprising in comparison to the people above 54 years. 19.07% of the entrepreneurs among the program participants were below 25 years in age but 7.7% had an age above 54 years.

The Phases

España Emprende provides support to all entrepreneurs in all the phases of the life of any company:

  1. Development of the business initiative based on an idea,
  2. Creating and processing a company

  3. The process of Consolidation

  4. Transferring or termination

In all these stages, the España Emprende program performs activities which involve being face-to-face as well as online. The aim is carrying out wide ranging support services for various entrepreneurs of the network and the Cámara de España covers these facets:

  • A campaign of Awareness like spreading information regarding the entrepreneurship process in a development phase.
  • Providing sufficient Training to entrepreneurs during all stages of its business cycle.
  • Offering Personal guidance that is exclusive to the specific needs of the enterprise.
  • Helping in the process to legally formulate the transit for every individual phase of the company life cycle.
  • Monitoring, and support activities for evolving of business initiatives. This finally has the aim of making it competitive and offering a better chance of survival.


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