18,000 tech jobs created across Ireland in 2018

18,000 tech jobs created across Ireland in 2018 - JobsandPermits

Details of the Job creation compared to 2017 reveal that there were several opportunities in rural regions outside Leinster.


As per an insight for the year 2018, we can notice the best months for work and the job performance of the year. Last year, there was a creation of 15,000 confirmed roles in Ireland, and 50% of them were created in Dublin. Many multinational technology firms like Microsoft, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Indeed and Northern Trust went for expansions and created great number of jobs. Comparatively there was success even in 2018 by a wide margin. There were 18,000 new technology positions. This represents 22 percent growth in comparison to 2017.

Furthermore, in June there was great success with the announcement of 3,400 roles. In September it was 2,300 roles followed by October – 2,200.

Amazon Web Services was a big player

Amazon made an announcement in June, revealing plans to create 1,000 jobs in the country after opening a new office in Dublin. The area was as large as 170,000 sq ft. It had new roles like Specialists in Big-Data, Security Specialists, D.O. Engineers, Software Developers and Data Center Engineers.

The telecommunications operator Eir announced recruiting 350 in Sligo, and 400 between Cork and Limerick. In Northern Ireland, FinTrU announced 605 positions in financial services in Belfast and Derry which will be filled up in the future. Genomics Medicine and Edwards Life Sciences also announced 600 new positions each in 2018.

Regional development

Leinster, created 7,000 roles.  There was an increase in the number of jobs created in Connacht Munster, and Ulster in comparison to 2017. The job increase outside Leinster affirms the success of the Government initiative, to encourage rural development. The plan was also to attract Foreign Investments to Ireland and also offer best packages to set up units outside the capital.

Present trends

There is likely to be an impact of Brexit on job creation in Ireland. Moreover, several companies have the Brexit anxiety, and also a wish in maintaining access to the single market of EU, as a part of their motivation to prefer Ireland. Additionally, there is an interlinking of the UK and the Irish economy. Any strife in the Irish Sea, will affect the island. In case the deal goes ahead, one can look for a net positive or negative economic effect.

Life Science Industry

Finally, an analysis of jobs shows that the Life Science Industry represents 15 percent of tech jobs in Ireland. Finance had a share of 10 percent in the jobs. We bring the latest surveys and analysis and you can contact us for all relevant details.

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